American Management Group, LLC is an Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) organization providing “back-office” support for Federal government contractor and commercial companies.

AMG has cultivated a team of experts conducting back-office support services, reducing the costs required to employ this same level of skilled staff in your company. AMG becomes the sole source back-office entity allowing you greater focus toward revenue generation and growth of operations in your company. In the ESS paradigm, organizations operating within the AMG family are able to prosper by having more time and money to spend on making revenue generating operations successful!


AMG consists of credentialed and experienced skilled professionals that know business support services! Whether Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology or Contract Management, AMG takes successful industry practices and applies them to your business!


With years of experience in federal government contracting and commercial business practices, AMG does the heavy lifting of back office administrative responsibilities for you. Furthermore, working knowledge of DCAA regulations, SBA, Rules and Regulations, HIPAA compliancy, Federal Regulations, Security Requirements, FAR, DFAR, D&B, IRS, just to name a few, is applied to our everyday tasks so there is no need for you to get into that detail on your own!


AMG has industry tools that we use to do our job, tools for every area of your business. Our growing toolshed of professional, and industry compliant software, applications, relationships give access to enormous capability without you having to make these large purchases on your own!


Intuit, Paycom, S2Verify, LabCorp, FCE, Sharepoint, Office 365, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Career Plug, Indeed, Careerbulder, Glassdoor. These tools are often times cost prohibitive to small companies trying to grow however, when shared with other companies, they become affordable and quite useful in launching your business to the next level!


Your hard-earned revenue available for continued growth gets freed up because expensive high-level skill sets associated with back office titles and tools are shared and housed at AMG!


Titles like Vice Presidents, Directors, Finance & Accounting Professionals, HR Generalists, IT Experts, Talent Acquisition Specialists, are non-starters for small and growing companies because it simply is unaffordable. AMG holds these professionals on their payroll and shares their services out to numerous companies. Their skills become affordable to even a start-up business!

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Human Resource Management (HRM)

This includes the delivery of day-to-day and strategic human resources support to the various organizations on employee relations, compensation, benefits, and training.

Finance and Accounting (F&A)

The services include General Ledger posting, maintaining Account Payable and Account Receivable files, paying invoices, collecting receivables, managing bank accounts, and provide reports as necessary.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT team provides support for the IT infrastructure and associated IT service with the day-to-day work of our customers.

Contract Management

The contract Management team supports contractual requirements associated with managing the full lifecycle of your contract, paying close attention to the non-operational details and deadlines.


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