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Outsourcing was originally modeled as a tactical business solution that gives cost-saving advantages to business organizations. Done right, the combination of tactical and strategic outsourcing could offer more benefits to any organization. American Management Group offers our clients a viable outsourcing solutions spectrum from the generally accepted options to hybrid offshoring services. For clients with unique contexts and needs, we tailor-fit our custom models that are capable of supporting and sustaining the strategic business operations of our clients and partners. Our services include extensive operational solutions in Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Accounting, and Finance. 

Human Resource

Management (HRM)

This includes the delivery of day-to-day and strategic human resources support to the various organisations on employee relations, compensation, benefits, and training. Read More

Finance and Accounting


The services include General Ledger posting, maintaining Account Payable and Account Receivable files, paying invoices, collecting receivables, managing bank accounts, and provide reports as necessary. Read More

Information Technology (IT)

The IT team provides support for the IT infrastructure and associated IT service with the day-to-day work of our customers. Read More

Contract Management

The contract Management team supports contractual requirements associated with managing the full lifecycle of your contract, paying close attention to the non-operational details and deadlines. Read More