Contract Management

The outsourcing market continues to grow with a greater amount of commitment, involvement, and focus from key stakeholders on both the client and service provider organization. Due to complex deals, managing multiple service providers, rising costs, vendor performance, economic slowdown, M&A, strategic transformation initiatives, new delivery models, and business risk, governing outsourcing are becoming a challenging task.

At American Management Group, we oversee and manage contracts to align with your and your client’s expectations, minimizing disputes and providing resolution frameworks. Trust Collective Solution for contract creation, execution, monitoring, reporting, and renewal, ensuring seamless services and deliveries. Managing Contract Performance, Sourcing Governance, and Vendor Management are the core areas of our focus in order to achieve cost savings, minimize business risk, value realization, and business objectives. 

Our contract management services ensure that contracts are kept on track and that all terms are being honored throughout the duration of the agreement. While drafting, negotiating, and signing a contract are important first steps in an agreement between two parties, we enter the critical phase of the contract management process once a contract has been signed.