The Art of Strategic Contract Management

Managing contracts is an overlooked form of management. Managers interact frequently with employees, and some of those discussions and situations naturally relate to compensation. Some of these conversations will deal with contract management. Other times, businesses need to manage contract agreements with other businesses. It’s not talked about much, but contract management is an important business topic. The art of strategic contract management is often underrated. 

What is Contract Management 

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk. Organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance. Contract management proves to be a very time-consuming element of business, which facilitates the need for an effective and automated contract management system. 

The Fundamentals 

Generally, contract management involves a few key stages. There’s the early stages or pre-award phase. This is all the work that takes place prior to a contract being given to someone, whether it be a business or an employee. The middle stage is when the process is awarded. This includes all the paperwork to make the agreement final. Third, there’s the post-award stage. This is where a lot of contract management and maintenance comes in.

Elements of Appropriate Contract Management 

It isn’t enough that an organization has professionals in place to handle contract management. Employees must be augmented with the presence of processes and software companions to satisfy increasing compliance and analytical needs. When a contract management strategy is successfully implemented, organizations can expect to see:

  • The expected business benefits and financial returns are being realized.
  • The supplier is cooperative and responsive to the organization’s needs.
  • The organization encounters no contract disputes or surprises.
  • The delivery of services is satisfactory to both parties.

A Contract Management Strategy is Crucial 

Contract management strategies and systems have many benefits. Maintaining tight control over all contracts in your workflow is crucial in this increasingly digitized world. You must protect yourself from data breaches and cyberattacks.

Documentation security is another vital component of contract management requirements. Using a multi-level password access system will lessen the potential for hacking and ransomware attacks. Ironclad is SOC II, Type 2 standard certified. You can rest assured that your contract data is fully protected. A centralized repository of all contracts and related documents that is easily accessible by authorized people is a vital component of a business’s contract management strategy. It eliminates confusion caused by outdated information, which in turn reduces liabilities.

Regardless of whether a company is seeking to cut costs, enter new markets, or expand its client list, among a host of other possible aims, managers can use their understanding of the company’s existing obligations to facilitate the company’s achievement of its goals. A proper contract management strategy helps an organization be successful in the long term in a very underrated manner. 

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